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Informatics and Knowledge Engineering Projects:

RS-EHR Project

This research project investigates the development of an concepts, approach and algorithms for generating the publicly available Realistic Synthetic Electronic Healthcare Record (RS-EHR) for those types of secondary uses of the electronic healthcare record (EHR) that require a realistic but not real EHR such as clinician training, software testing,  healthcare simulations and modelling.

CareMap Authoring Project

This project investigates modelling, representation and management of CareMaps and focuses on the following research challenges: (1) modelling of CareMaps; (2) representation and specification of CareMaps; and (3) the support for computer-based management of CareMaps, i.e., the specification, execution and static and dynamic manipulation (for the RS-EHR Project we only need a simulation of the execution in order to generate synthetic EHR but other uses may need real execution).

DeStress Project

This research project investigates the development of concepts, models and methods for the Resilience-Building Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programme that uses psycho-education techniques, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness Practice principles. The research results will be disseminates partly in a Web-based tool for use by Maori and Pasifika adolescents in New Zealand schools.

Stepiz Project

The aim of this research project is to support social networking in sports and exercises by making the concept of the handicap competition easily accessible via a smart phone application as well as the social networks on Facebook.

NutriGuideNZ Project

Although a number of works have emerged in the literature claiming to Jacob May jersey mens incorporate Food and Nutrition Guideline (FNG) knowledge into desktop and Web applications, not enough effort is currently evident in the literature on the comprehensive investigation into formalising FNGs. This project investigates the problem of developing a formal model and language for the specification of FNGs so that they could be easily incorporated into food and nutrition decision-support systems.

KIMPP Project

This research project investigates an approach to knowledge incorporation into the solution models for the Meal Planning Problem (MPP). The project seeks to determine how solution models for the MPP can be adapted for use in different MPP problem contexts with different nutrition guideline knowledge, and in different regions of the world with differently customised versions of the nutrition guidelines.

Security and Privacy Projects:

eHISec Project

The project investigates computer security and information privacy challenges for the domain of electronic health information, especially, the electronic healthcare record (EHR). The project includes investigations into: (1) the Carolina Panthers jerseys formalisation, adaptation and support of security and privacy metaphors for the domain of healthcare; (2) methods of incorporation of security and privacy regulations, standard and laws into computer security mechanisms targeted at protecting EHRs.

ISTA e-Certificates

This is an international consultancy project that investigates the proposed adoption of e-certificates by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA).

RAT Project

This project investigates a framework and a knowledge-based approach and method that enables electronic healthcare record (EHR) guardians to quickly and easily make preliminary assessments as to whether to grant or deny patients’ requests for access to their health information within the New Zealand laws including the Privacy Act 1993 and the Health Information Privacy Code 1994, and national and international Health Professional Codes of Ethics.

CloudSec Project

This research project invevstigates the applocation of graph theory to the domain of security and privacy. The project focuses on the automatic construction and use of graph structures for monitoring security attacks within the Cloud and distributed computing contexts.

Connected Sensing World and Agric Informatics Projects:

FarmTalk Project

Abstract coming soon

IoT-based Plant Care Project

The emerging domains of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing combined with Knowledge Engineering techniques now make it possible to collect precise data and use it to monitor precisely the condition of plants in a crop field and hence determine the optimum interventions that result in high crop yields, which would be a significant advancement in Precision Agriculture. This project investigates the problem of plant care by using a knowledge-based approach and sensors that are elements of the IoT to monitor the plant’s vital signs and generate appropriate plant care advice based on established scientific agricultural knowledge in the form of plant variety care guidelines for the particular plant

IoT Framework for Livestock and Game Monitoring and Control

This project combines the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing together with Knowledge modelling, representation and reasoning techniques to investigate a framework for monitoring and controlling livestock and game animals.

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